Community Computer Services offers computer repairs, upgrades, sales, web design, and more in Ft. Thomas Kentucky for over 25 years. We are family owned and operated in Northern Kentucky.


Best Desktop & Laptop Computer Repair in Ft. Thomas KY

Virus, and Malware Removal

Community Computer Services offers computer repair in FT. Thomas Kentucky. We provide that personal touch that seems to be missing these days with most computer-support services. We work with all types of computer brands, including Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony VAIO, Gateway, E-Machine, Acer, Fujitsu, Toshiba and more. We work for many clients with many different needs, and we understand the urgency to have your system up and running.

Community Computer Services works hard to fix your PC’s problem, solve your need in a timely fashion, and get it right the first time. Computer Repair in FT. Thomas Kentucky – Community Computer Services We have been building and repairing desktops and laptops for 25 years for Fort Thomas Kentucky. We’ve probably seen and repaired the same computer problem that you are having hundreds of times before. Plus, with our large inventory of spare computer parts, we’re likely to get you up and running without waiting for a computer part order to arrive. If you stacked all the computers we’ve repaired, it would reach part way to the moon. ▪We repair both Desktops and Laptops

Computer repair service areas include: Alexandria KY Cold Spring KY Highland Heights KY | Ft. Thomas KY | Falmouth KY | Florence KY | Wilder KY | Southgate KY Newport KY Taylor Mill KY | Campbell County KY

Now offer onsite, remote, and pick up computer repair services. To view more about these options for Ft. Thomas Kentucky customers click here.