computer troubleshooting in Northern Kentucky

We have troubleshooted hundreds of thousands of desktop, and laptops in the Northern Kentucky are for 25 years. It all depends on what the symptoms of your computer are.

Below are some examples of how we troubleshoot computers.

Nothing on desktop screen when you turn it on 

Ok, so first thing we would do is hook your desktop up to one of our monitors to see if everything comes right up or not. This will help us figure out if it is a screen problem or a hardware issue. If nothing appears on our screen, then it is time to troubleshoot a little further.

– We would take out all sticks of RAM.

-We would put one piece of ram back into the system one by one. A lot of times Ram can cause this issue.

-If still nothing on screen, we try another power supply. This is a common problem if the computer is not getting enough power to the system.

If none of the above work to resolve the problem, then most likely it is a motherboard problem. If that is the case it is usually not worth replacing the motherboard. We would suggest we back up your data and transfer it to one of our high-quality desktops.

No power, lights, or fans are spinning on your desktop

First step we take is to test the power supply 9 times out of 10 this is a power supply issue.

If the test tells us the power supply is putting out enough wattage and voltage, then it is time to troubleshoot a little further.

-Remove all hardware items such as ram, hard drive, and dvd drive, and then hook one item at a time back up.

-We inspect motherboard for any damage or burn marks.

Hearing a clicking noise coming from the computer 

Usually when we hear a clicking noise and the system is not booting up into windows, it is the hard drive failing. We immediately take out the hard drive from system and attempt to back up data. Once data is saved if possible, then we attempt to run tests on the hard drive. Usually in this case we would need to install a new hard drive and reload the operating system.

Laptop is not charging the battery 

First step of troubleshooting would be to take the battery out of the system and reinsert. Sometimes the battery becomes disconnected a bit.

-next step would be to test the power cord to make sure it is putting out the proper voltage and wattage.

-Then we would visually inspect the power cord adapter port on laptop. Sometimes this becomes loose and you have to wiggle it to get it to charge the battery.

-Sometimes we have batteries we can use here at our shop to see if that takes care of the problem.

Computer turning on but not booting into windows

This is a very common problem that we see almost everyday. This is can be a few different problems.

-First step is to run test on the hard drive to figure out if this is a hard drive issue or a windows issue.

-If hard drive is ok then we know it is a windows problem. We see issues after the computer runs windows updates, and from people not turning the system down properly. You never want to power down the system by holding down the power button.

-Most of the time we have to back up files and reinstall the operating system. Customer just needs to be able to reinstall any programs that they were using. Common programs are Microsoft office, Quicken, Quickbooks, and Family Tree Maker.

Our costs of computer troubleshooting.

We charge $45.00 to take the time and troubleshoot your desktop or laptop. If there is work to be done then we apply that $45.00 to the repair. So there is not an additional fee to troubleshoot if you get the system repaired.

We prefer that customers pay the $45.00 upfront at drop off.