Desktop and laptop repair average prices

Virus / malware / adware removal – Avg. $75.00 

We will scan your system for malware, adware, and viruses. We will take the time to remove unwanted files and programs, to help speed up your computer. We do most things manually that a software program just cannot do. 

Operating system reinstall – Mac OS or Windows- Avg. $90 to 135

We try everything we can to avoid this options, but some times it is necessary. We will back up files, and reinstall the operating system. we also load basic software including anti virus, malware removal, and google chrome. 

Hard drive replacement – Avg. $215.00 

We will run hardware test on all hardware devices. If the hard drive is bad, we will replace it with a new drive. We then will back up your files if possible and reinstall the operating system. We configure all critical updates, and drivers. We will make sure you have basic software such as, AVGMalwarebytes, Google Chrome, and other software. 

Laptop screen repair/replacement – Avg. $90.00 to $175.00 

We will troubleshoot your LCD screen and determine the best approach to repair it. We usually have to disassemble it to get the proper part numbers to research the price of the screen. Usually we have these in stock but sometimes need to order them. If we have to order it, it could take up to 6 days to get the screen to our shop. 

Keypad replacement – Avg $65.00 to $99.00

We will do physical inspection of your keypad. We may have to disassemble laptop to get part number off keypad. We have many keypads in stock but sometimes we need to order them. 

Desktop power supply repair – Avg $110.00 

We will test your power supply to see if it is bad for sure. 80 percent of desktops have the standard power supply, but occasionally we have to special order these. 

Remote pc repair – Avg $90.00 

We can remote into your pc, saving time and energy of bringing it into our shop in Alexandria KY. We can handle most software issues you may be having. We will set up a good time for both parties to log in and fix any software issues you are having. 

All of these prices include labor and parts. 


Computer repair service areas include Alexandria | Cold Spring | Highland Heights | Ft. Thomas | Falmouth | Florence | Wilder | Southgate Newport Taylor Mill | Campbell, Boone, and Kenton Counties as well in Northern Kentucky.