laptop screen repair Cold Spring Kentucky

We offer the best laptop screen repair in the Cold Spring Kentucky area.

Community Computer Services has replaced thousands of laptop screens in Cold Spring Kentucky in the 25 years we have been here. We have heard a lot of stories behind the cracked screens as well. From a punch to the screen, to their dog stepping on their laptop. Don’t worry though we can replace pretty much any screen on lots of different laptops.

First step is bringing your cracked or damaged laptop screen to our computer repair shop. With in the same day in most cases we will call you with an estimate. Every laptop screen repair is different and have different prices. Usually an average would be between $90 – $165 which includes parts, and labor.

Most common screens we see in our shop is HP, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, and IBM. The best part about using us for this repair is we have hundreds of laptops in our shop right now that may have bad motherboard, but the screen is perfect. We have probably 65% of most screens in stock. Sometimes we do end up having to order a screen from a supplier. If that is the case, we usually tell people it may take up to 5-7 days to get the screen in and installed. If we have one in stock it may only take 1-2 days for job to be completed.

Give us a call or better yet bring in your damaged screen to our shop, give us a little time to check it out, and we will be in touch very soon. You can call us at (859) 635-9909

We look forward to helping you with all your desktop, and laptop repair needs in Cold Spring Kentucky.

We also offer virus removalhard drive replacements, laptop repair, and much more.