We recycle laptops, desktops, and all parts associated. If you have a computer laying around in your house that is collecting dust, then bring it into our shop. We will make sure we wipe out any information you have on the system. You don’t want any of your information floating around out there for someone to come across and steal personal information.

Once a year we disassemble laptops, and desktops. We have to disassemble them and sometimes we get lucky and can reuse parts. We don’t make much at all to recycle systems, but we like to offer the service to help our customers get rid of their old pc’s and feel confident that we will insure their sensitive data.

Data Back Up Services

Most customers drop off their laptops, and desktops to have us recycle them but they want their information. If this is the case, we would be happy to take the time and remove your hard drive and backup data before recycling. If you want to bring in your own external hard drives, or flash drive that would be great. If you need them, we can supply them as well. We don’t charge much for this service. Usually it is an average of $45-$90.

Why is recycling computers is a good idea?

Electronics are very bad for our landfills, and recycling computers conserve our natural resources. We also will be able to provide the less fortunate a computer that they or their kids can use for school, and to learn the internet.  Electronics recycling can also help create jobs in our local communities.

We are here to help you with all your computer repair, and recycling needs in Northern Kentucky. No need to call just stop in anytime Mon-Fri 10am-6pm. We also offer virus removal, laptop screen repair, hard drive replacements, and more.