tip on how to remove malware from your computer

How to remove malware from your computer – Tips & Tricks from a pro.

As an owner of a computer repair company in northern Kentucky for 17 years, I have seen my fair share of malware infection. It keeps evolving, and getting more sophisticated. I want to give you my tips on how you can remove malware infections. I don’t really even scan for viruses much these days. Microsoft, and Apple computers have really improved their settings to prevent unwanted and websites with viruses on them. The browsers such as google chrome, Firefox, and Edge has also improved over the years. We do scan and see malware on our customers computer on a daily basis. So below are my tips on cleaning your computer up and removing malware from your computer.

  1. First thing we do is remove any startup files that you have loading up when you start your computer. I will go over how to do this on a windows computer. Right click on the window start button on bottom left of your desktop and click on run. You will need to type in msconfig and hit enter. This will bring up box. You will select startup. You will then see everything that is trying to startup up when you boot up your pc. I suggest disabling every item in here. Every company wants to be in your startup, but none of them are needed to boot up your computer. This will not remove any programs but it will tell the computer not to load them up when you boot up system.
  2. Next step we do is open up your browser. We use and recommend google chrome. In chrome we want to reset google to defaults, to get rid of any junk that is your browser. To do this Open up chrome and on the top right corner of the screen you will see three dots. Click on those and go down to settings, and click on settings. Then you will want to click on reset chrome. This will reset Google chrome to default. This is a good thing due to malware and other malicious software sneaks in and causes pop up’s.
  3. Once you have reset Google Chrome to defaults the next step we take is going to google search page and type in a program called Malwarebytes. This is our first choice for malware removal. Click on Malwarebytes page. (Malwarebytes.com) They have a free version and a paid version. We suggest the free for many reasons. The paid version tends to slow down systems. So, download the free version. Once this installed just open Malwarebytes and run a quick scan. It takes only about 10 minutes. You can remove anything it finds. It will already be checked, you just have to say remove selected items.
  1. After removing malware, go to google search again and type in Adwcleaner. Open up the first option and click on download. Once it is downloaded it should open up. This is a great program that is also owned by Malwarebytes. Same as before run a scan, and remove anything it finds. This program is scanning for Adware, which Is very similar to malware.
  1. Next step would be going to your control panel. Look for programs and features, and click on that. This will open up, and show you all the programs your have on your computer. Look for anything that you know you don’t need, and remove it. If you notice any pop ups on your computer, look for the name of the program. If you see that same name in the programs list remove it.
  2. Go to google again, and type in CC Cleaner. Click on first page and download the free version of CC Cleaner. Once this is installed and opened up you will see options on the left side. We want to focus on two of them. First is a the cleaner. It will can for unwanted junk files. Remove any junk it finds. Then there is a registry cleaner. It goes and looks for corrupted registry files, which can cause your computer issues. Again scan and remove items it finds. This is another great free way to clean up your system of junk files.
  3. Last pro tip on removing malware from your computer is Go to Google Search one more time, and type in ATF Cleaner. Its not really a program per say, but once downloaded and opened up, you will see all the options to remove more unwanted junk files. Click on select all and remove. It only takes about a minute and when finished it will show you the size of the amount of stuff it cleaned up.

Ok so these are 7 steps to help you remove malware from your computer. Now that these steps are completed, you should notice your computer running faster, and should not see any pop up’s any more.