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laptop repair in Northern KentuckyWe have been repairing laptops for many years. We have probably seen the same problem that you are having thousands of times. We have the tools and experience to get your laptop fixed and faster than the competition. Below are just a few examples of laptop problems and repairs.

Laptop Screen Repair – We have seen so many different lcd problems come through our doors. From spilled drinks, to a kick to the laptop screen. The first step is to diagnose the exact parts that will need to be replaced. Once we research the parts and figure out the labor, we will call you with an estimate. Usually it is anywhere form $125-$175 Click here to read about why you shouldn’t try to fix your broken laptop yourself.

Laptop Keypad Replacement – If you have spilled a drink, or accidentally popped a key off, we can help. It is not a major repair in most cases. Costs is usually from $50.00 to $99.00 in most cases. We have many in stock, which helps in down time, but we sometimes need to order the keypad. It will depend on when we get the keypad in but usually within a couple days. 

Power Adapter Port – This is a very common problem with laptops. The problem it is usually not an easy fix. Some can be easier than others to repair, but does require a bit of labor to take it apart enough to repair the adapter port. It is usually $90 to $190. It all depends on how hard it is to get to the part. 

Laptop Hard Drive Repair – We see bad hard drives in laptops probably every day. We think it is because most people plug them into the wall outlet instead of a surge protector. They are also more prone for problems do to them being mobile and easily dropped. 

No matter what your laptop problem is Community Computer Services has the tools and experience to fix it right, and done quick. Call us anytime at 859-635-9909.

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Community Computer and Andrew are great to work with. They've answered all my computer questions. They helped me find the right computer for my business. They are knowledgeable and very responsive. That's rare these days so it was really nice to experience . Thanks Andrew

Brian Kelley

Fort Thomas Kentucky Customer
I know enough to be dangerous when it comes to computers. Community Computer Services have helped me out on mult occasions. When I clicked on the wrong link (yikes), when my computer kept turning off in the middle of things ( needed a battery LOL) and when I wanted to back things up (pics/documents) but did not know how (hooked me up with an external hard drive and taught me how to use it). They are helpful, kind, affordable and meet me at my level. I trust them.
Community Computer Services- Customers#2

Suzanne Augspurger

Cold Spring Kentucky Customer