virus removal in Cold Spring Kentucky

We have seen thousands of viruses, malware, and adware in Cold Spring Kentucky, In the last 25 years at our computer repair shop. Years ago the biggest threats were viruses, and network worms. We don’t see as many these days due to everyone having anti viruses installed on your computer. We do see however a lot of malware (malicious software) and adware. They are picked up the same way a virus is from visiting a website or opening an email. The problem with these are they are harder to find in your computer. We use a few tools to help us with this. The best one we use is called Malwarebytes Anti Malware. It is pretty easy to use. We run this along with going through your computer operating system files and manually removing infections. They are very good at hiding them deep inside your files.

Here is how malware impacts your computer

Adware is the other problem we see a lot. It is designed to cause pop up’s, redirects, and excessive ads. Once you pick up some adware in your computer, it makes it very difficult to have a good experience online. 

Once again we go deep within your files and browser to root out any adware that is in your computer. We we get done with our cleaning, it will run as good as new. 

Virus removal is probably our biggest repair service that we perform on a day to day. We take pride in taking a computer that is infected and running poor, to having it run as good as when you first purchased it. 

So if you are having any virus, malware, or adware problems in Cold Spring Kentucky on your computer, call us an honest family owned father and son computer repair company serving Cold Spring Kentucky. 

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