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There are many factors to keep in mind when looking to purchase a computer. People think that the prices of computers have come down so much, but really the quality has what came down. At most of the larger electronic stores they are selling a cheaper lower grade system. We always say that Dell, HP, IBM, ect.. have a low end, mid-range, and high-end system. 

We sell the higher end make and models. Our systems come off business leases from companies like P&G, and GE. Those companies don’t go and buy the cheapest systems they can find, but rather the best systems available. They lease them for 1 to 3 years., and then get all new systems. That has allowed us to be able to sell very high end reliable systems for a reasonable price. 

Most of the systems we get are business grade Dell, HP, IBM, and more. When we say business grade we don’t mean that these are good for people looking for a computer to use for their business. We mean they are higher end and not the cheap systems you will find at larger stores. They are very high quality and are easier to repair than the others.

The next big important factor to keep in mind is what operating system comes with these? Well from what we can tell Windows 10 is not a crowd pleaser. It is a hard operating system to learn and to function. We prefer Windows 7. Most of our customers are still using it. We don’t want people to buy a system from us and then go home, and not like the computer. It’s not the computer it’s Windows 10 that makes it hard to use. 

No systems come with Microsoft Office these days. You will have to load your copy of the program. We do load programs to make it easier for you. AVG, and Malwarebytes, and Google Chrome is installed on all of our systems.

Computer Warranty

On desktops we offer a 3 month warranty, and on laptops we offer a 30 day warranty. We have been in business for 25 years and will only sell systems that we trust. 

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Piles Chevrolet
Piles Chevrolet
15:36 20 Feb 19
This is a great place to have your computer or laptop repaired. They are fast, honest and stand behind their work. I wouldn't go any place else. I recommend everyone to use this company. They give you pricing right up front. D. Hensleyread more
Joe Geiman
Joe Geiman
03:30 25 Aug 18
Always had a great experience dealing with these guys. My computer is running faster than it ever has after being repaired there. Would recommend them to more
Penelope Kolb
Penelope Kolb
15:03 22 Aug 18
Community Computer Services provides a great services at affordable prices. Over the past 5 years I have had to replace lap top hardware and treat viruses. Every time the knowledgeable team at Community Computer Services has provided fast diagnostics with a menu of solutions for me to choose from. I highly recommend keeping your technology out of a landfill and going strong with the support of Community Computer more
B Bailey
B Bailey
01:20 22 Aug 18
I have received great service from these guys on more than one occasion. The prices are excellent as well. They have taken very good care of me over the years. Thanks!read more
Daryl Mullins
Daryl Mullins
04:08 28 Jul 18
My computer quit working just as my wife was in the middle of using it for Vacation Bible School last night. She was panicking. I began to look online and saw Community Computers near where I live. I checked the reviews and it had a great rating. I called this morning and explained my situation. I was told to bring my laptop in and he would see what he could do. When I took it in I also shared with him another issue I had been experiencing, my wireless connection was not working . He said he would really try to find out the issue so we would have it for Bible School. About 2 1/2 hours later he called to give the good news that the problem was just a bad cord. When picking it up he also told me he gave it a good checking over and tried to repair my non wireless connection for over an hour. He then told me instead of trying to go into the laptop to change a chip which could be costly, he sent me to Staples for a solution of a $30.00 wireless adapter. I was very impressed with my experience Community Computers. I would encourage anyone who has computer issues to check them out. You will not be disappointed. Also, the price I paid was very more
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