motherboard repair services in Northern Kentucky

At Community Computer Services, we are now offering motherboard repair services. While we are always happy to offer minor repairs to solve common computer problems, sometimes you are facing an issue that requires a more involved solution. Rather than simply replacing a part or two, you may need to take some more drastic action.

In fact, you may have a damaged motherboard that needs to be repaired.

Damaged Motherboards: Some Basics

To put it simply, your computer’s motherboard is a component that connects all of your computer’s parts. Essential components like your computer’s CPU, memory, hard drives, and expansion all connect to the motherboard—either directly or through cables. Mobile devices and tablets also have motherboards, but they are often called logic boards and have components added to the board itself to save space.

Because the motherboard is such an important component, any damage to it can lead you to encounter problems when using your computer. For example, a broken motherboard may prevent your computer from properly turning on. It may cause some peripherals on your computer—like printers and mice—to perform erratically. You may see some flickering or lines on your computer monitor. In fact, you may even see the dreaded “blue screen of death” or even a burning or melted plastic smell. Because the motherboard is so critical to the performance of your computer, any number of unexpected behaviors can be signs that your motherboard needs to be repaired.

But because of so many vital components of your computer are connected to your motherboard, problems with motherboards can be difficult to diagnose and fix. What you may believe is a problem with your motherboard may be a problem with a component that is connected to it. It requires process of elimination, so it is often better to rely on an expert like us to identify the problem and repair the motherboard.

That said, if you give us a computer that may have a damaged motherboard, we prioritize active diagnosis. We ask you to provide us with as much information as possible about your computer, when problems have started occurring, and what you have done (if anything) to try to fix the problem. From there, we run a comprehensive collection of diagnostics on your computer to understand what is really going on. We then rely on decades of experience to completely fix the problem and return your computer as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Us to Repair Your Motherboard?

Community Computer Services is a father and son family-owned computer repair company that predominantly serves customers in Northern Kentucky. Since 1993, we have worked on thousands of computers and have served countless customers. We are proud to serve our neighbors and friends and we truly love our work. We are confident that we can help—whether you are bringing in a laptop or desktop computer that is running either Microsoft Windows or Mac operating system.

We take pride in our commitment to quality. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We aren’t here to do the minimum work possible; rather, we want to help you solve any and all issues with your computer. Along with this, we offer a seven-day guarantee so that you feel confident that all problems with your computer are fixed.

Ultimately, we treat our customers the way that we expect to be treated. This attitude has served us well in the past and it will continue to be a high priority for us in the future.

Contact Us Today

If you feel that a bad motherboard is causing performance issues for your computer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can stop in today (we are located at 8039 Alexandria Pike in Alexandria, Kentucky). If you are driving on Alexandria Pike, you will see us next to Alexandria Carryout Store and almost across from Bishop Brossart High School. Alternatively, if you would like to reach out by phone, you can give us a call at 859-635-9909.