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Different services offered by Community Computer Services

Laptops and computers have become an integral part of our daily lives. From young kids to the elderly, most people today own one or more laptops or computers. Not only that, computers and laptops are required by most businesses and organizations, irrespective of whether they are an IT based institution or not. As such, the usage of laptops have increased manifold over the last decades. And this has necessitated the services of a laptop company that can handle various issues and offer quick solutions.

Services Offered By Community Computer Services:

For people in Northern Kentucky, getting a laptop repaired or serviced isn’t a big deal at all because the area is served by Community Computer Services, a family-owned computer and laptop repair company that offers a variety of services to its clients. The main services include:

  • Computer and laptop repair

Are you unable to start your laptop? Is there a problem with the battery life? Is the display screen not working properly? If you are faced with any of these problems, then Community Computer Services can easily help solve the problem. They have well-trained and knowledgeable technicians who will minutely go through everything and then determine the cause of the problem. If it is a loose circuit or a malfunctioning unit, they will repair it if that is possible. Else, they may suggest a hardware replacement.

  • Hardware replacement

Not only does Community Computer Services repair laptops and computers, they also offer hardware replacement services. For example, if your hard disk has crashed and needs replacement, they will be able to replace it as well. Not only that, if your USB ports are malfunctioning or have died, they can replace the same for you. Laptop keyboards can also be replaced if needed.

  • Mac repair

Since Mac is a very powerful OS, many people find it better to work on Mac than on other OS and the percentage of MAC users has increased significantly over the years. So, to cater to the needs of Mac users, Community Computer Services presently offers Mac repair services of different types like MacOs Upgrades, RAM upgrades, battery problem solutions, water damage repair and a lot more.

  • Software and other services

If you own a laptop or a computer, you will not only need hardware repairs and replacements. Software services are equally important. And that is why, Community Computer Services offers different software services under one umbrella. They can upgrade OS, remove adware or malware, anti-virus installation and a lot more. This guarantees that you do not have to go looking for software service elsewhere.

Apart from the services mentioned above, the firm also offers associated services like

  • Computer sales
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web design

and a lot more. The plethora of services offered by Community Computer Services makes them a great choice if you want to repair your computer or laptop or are in need of other associated services that may help you in your business or in your daily affairs