• Above is a funny video we came across, and wanted to share it with our customers. We have seen so many scams in the last 5 years. We are trying to educate our customers on how to avoid getting scammed. The biggest scam we see up here at our shop is, you land on a website that these people have hacked and it pulls up a screen telling you that you are infected and all your information is at risk. It wants you to call a phone number to “help solve the problem” They will then want you to go through steps to allow them into your computer, once they get in your computer they will show you a bunch of fake issues. In many cases they will create a password that only they know, which will block you out of your computer. They will try and scare you into thinking all your credit card information and identity is at risk. The only problem you are having is them! So below are just some things to help avoid this problem. 

    -Never allow anyone into your computer that you do not know or trust. Microsoft will never call you personally. 

    -If you see this pop up message hit the Control- Alt - Delete buttons which starts a task manager screen. End the processes of any programs that are open. This will remove your blocked screen. 

    -Never give any personal information out to people you do not know or trust. 

    We are here to help, and if you are ever not sure about something give us a call, and we can help you out. A lot of times people bring up there computer to our shop to go through and clean up any problems associated with this problem. The internet is a great and powerful thing, but it also opens us all up to every crook in the entire world. These people do not care what so ever to ruin your computer and steal money from you. It is a shame, and wish it could be stopped. 

    Click here to find more information about the computer phone number scam

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