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9 Tips on How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Americans spend up to 12 hours a day looking at their computer or television screen.

While some of that time may be spent watching pointless Youtube videos, a lot of that computer time is productive. So whether you’re a digital nomad working from home or using your laptop to stay in touch with friends—your laptop is important to you.

A depleted laptop battery makes it feel pointless to have a laptop at all if you’re constantly plugged in. Here’s how to make your laptop battery last longer.

1. Dim Your Screen

If you’re wondering how to make a laptop battery last longer, the first and easiest tip is to dim your screen.

Check the brightness of your screen right now. What’s it set at? If you want to keep your laptops charge, you should keep your screen as dim as possible.

It requires a lot of battery power to provide bright light to your screen. Realistically, the only time you’d actually need your screen at full brightness is if you are working outside in the bright sun.

2. Turn Off Wifi, Bluetooth

If your laptop computer is constantly connected to wifi or Bluetooth, it will drain your battery. This affects your battery even if your wifi or Bluetooth is on but not actually connected to a network or device.

So, when you’re not actively using one of these connections, manually turn them off. This keeps your computer from looking for a network to join and saves your battery life.

Airplane mode will turn off Bluetooth and wifi connections at the same time. This is convenient so you don’t have to remember to turn off two things every time you want to conserve your battery.

3. Power-Saving Mode

To get the longest battery life on a laptop, use your computer’s power-saving mode.

Windows enables Battery Saver when you reach low-power status, at 20 percent battery remaining.

But you can turn this feature on manually whenever you want. To activate it, click on the battery icon in your taskbar. Then, drag the lever all the way to the left.

4. Stop Background Applications

If you have several applications running in the background of your laptop, you’re wasting battery power.

Just like with your smartphone, if you don’t force-quit applications, they’ll continue to run in the background. This includes software like Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. It also includes web browsers with multiple tabs open.

Instead of just letting them run for convenience sake—take a few seconds and completely quit them when you’re done using them.

5. Mute Your Sound

When you’re not watching a video or listening to music, mute the sound on your laptop. Every ding from your email or talking advertisement drains your laptop’s battery.

If you’re using your sound, simply turn it down a few levels. The louder the sound your laptop produces, the more energy it uses.

If your laptop’s at a 10 percent battery level but you’re at the climax of your movie, turn the volume down and turn on the subtitles instead! This ensures you’ll make it all the way to the happy ending.

6. Unplug Accessories

If you keep extra accessories plugged into your laptop’s ports this will drain your battery.

You should only plug accessories, like a mouse or external disk drive, into your USB ports when in use.

Phone chargers are a huge drain on your laptop’s battery. While it may seem convenient to plug your phone into your laptops USB port, you’ll pay the price with a dead laptop battery.

7. Use Inactivity Mode

What does your laptop computer do when you’re inactive for a period of time? If your screen display remains on, you’re wasting precious battery life. Instead, activate your laptop’s inactivity mode.

Every laptop has a customizable inactivity mode. You can choose how many minutes of inactivity it takes to turn off your screen display. Inactivity mode does not close your web browser or applications so you don’t need to worry about losing any work.

8. Keep it Cool

When your laptop becomes too hot, your battery works harder to keep everything working efficiently. Your laptop battery can suffer irreversible damage if it’s exposed to extreme heat for an extended period of time.

Avoid any damage by keeping your laptop cool. Avoid working for long periods of time with your laptop on your lap as this blocks your air vents. Also, avoid storing your laptop near windows or anywhere that gets warm.

An overheated laptop affects more than just your battery. Extreme heat can also damage your laptop’s motherboard and processor.

9. Dust Control

When was the last time you properly cleaned your laptop? If your laptop gets too dusty, this can cause overheating, which we already know damages your battery.

To keep your laptop clean use a can of compressed air to clear the vent and fans in your laptop.

Keeping your laptop clean and dust-free helps more than just your battery. This is a maintenance task that’ll keep your whole laptop living longer.

How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Using these nine tips, you now know how to make your laptop battery last longer.

Even if you can’t use all the tips listed, incorporating a few into your routine can make a big difference. But every laptop battery’s life comes to an end at some point. If your laptop isn’t holding its charge effectively it might be time for a battery replacement.

Contact us today if your laptop battery needs replaced or you have any other laptop repair needs. We’re here to help get you back up and running again!