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Tech Tips for HP Computers: Help When Locked out of Computer

Tired of getting locked out of your computer? Ready to fix that pesky laptop? It’s time you got off the help-line and fixed your problem. 

HP laptops and desktops have a reputation for locking users out. Often the issues lie in the simplest terms, like your keyboard or admin profile. It’s time you get the answers you’re looking for. If you’re ready to get over your HP computer issues, keep reading for more answers!

Why You’re Locked Out of Computer 

Before you start looking for solutions, it’s important that you troubleshoot the underlying problems. You can resolve most problems with proper troubleshooting or help-pages specific to your operating system. 

Kicked Off Admin Profile 

Sometimes your account will show that you’ve lost “administration privileges”. This is common for Windows computers. In some cases, you might try rebooting your computer to find the same login screen, and there’s no give with your former admin information. 

The problem might be a corrupted admin account. Furthermore, you likely have more than one user on your account, which can lead to a displayed message stating “the user profile failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.” 

This typically happens when Windows can’t get a proper read on your profile. There are several diagnoses for this, including priority tasks interrupted your logon process. For example, antivirus software might be in the middle of running a scan when you’re trying to enter your info. 

Windows Password 

This can be a software or hardware issue. If your password isn’t working, there’s a chance your keyboard is malfunctioning.

When learning how to bypass Windows password when locked out of the computer, you’ll have to distinguish between your real built-in administrator account. Moreover, your issue might not involve your password at all, but Windows updates or profile corruption

Finally, some Windows 10 HP computers lock you out during sleep mode. You’ll turn on your computer after putting it to sleep, and your password seems not to work. In this case, sometimes your keyboard layout is changed when sleep mode is enabled. 


The most common hardware related issue for getting locked out is keyboard related. However, problems with your hard-drive and OS might have the same effect. 

Your hard-drive is like your computer’s long-term memory. In some cases, due to damage or corruption, your computer forgets your login information or user profile. 


Virus error messages are common for ransomware and malware. In some cases, you might receive a message that says “you’ve been locked out!” Other times (if you’re using Edge) your session might seem to lock up. However, these are almost always scams. 


Once you’ve diagnosed the issue that locked you out of your laptop, it’s essential that you solve the problem from front-end or back-end. 

Bypass Password 

If you’re locked out and need to bypass your windows password, start by entering Safe Mode. You can bypass your password gatekeeper from this setting. Simply press F8 on your keyboard when your computer starts up. 

Once here, you can enter the Start and Control Panel. From here, you can find your user accounts and make any needed changes to your password. 

If nothing else works, you might have to reinstall Windows. This happens when you haven’t made a secondary switch for password recovery. In this case, you need to use the Recovery Console to reset your computer. 

Keyboard Shortcuts 

If your computer is locked out after entering sleep mode, you can resolve the issue by changing your keyboard layout. In most cases, your num-lock or keyboard position was changed during the sleep process. 

If the problem is keyboard related, you can use the on-screen keyboard to type out your password. This will bypass whatever short-cut updates that were made during sleep mode. 

If your on-screen keyboard isn’t working, you might have to reinstall the screen keyboard software. If that’s not possible, you can always try the magic trick of restarting your PC. 

Removing Malware and Viruses 

You’ll know easily if the problem is malware if no help-pages line up with the problems you’re facing. The “you’re locked out” virus, is simple to eradicate. You just need to find the exit material and leave the page you’re on. 

Once you’ve done this, it’s important that you run a deep scan on your computer. By this point, it’s essential that you have good virus-scanning software. Options like Avast are a sure go to if you want a free but effective service. 

While a virus scanner is essential, at times you need to change your scanning schedule when locked out of your computer. If you keep getting locked out of your computer because of a scan, you might have to turn off your computer and wait. 

Once the scan is complete, you’ll have the chance to log back in. It’s recommended that you plan your virus scans for the times you won’t be using your computer. 

When You Need Computer Services Fast 

Getting locked out of your computer can be a pain. Yet, after reading this article, you know some of the more common reasons behind being locked out. 

Once again, the main issues facing your computer can be categorized between software and hardware. And, sometimes, the problem is as easy as restarting your PC. 

You are this much closer to getting your PC or laptop fixed. All you have to do is bring your computer into a repair store that you can trust. 

Bring your computer into a community repair service that knows you by name. You won’t have to fiddle with your HP computer or lazy laptop much longer. Your next step is to meet a technician that understands your problem. Don’t wait while issues stack up, get your computer fixed today!