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9 Approaches To Safeguard Your Laptop From Destruction

The axiom “prevention is the best medicine” holds true to extend the life of your laptop. You can avoid the most commonplace damages by investing in the right protective gear for your laptop. Thankfully, these safeguard accessories are quite affordable, and certainly much cheaper than the repairs they help prevent.

  1. Protect Your Laptop Screen

Screen protectors for phones have become standard accessories, but most laptop screens remain unprotected. One of the most common laptop repair requests is to fix a broken screen, and the cost of repair far outweighs the price of a generic screen guard. When applying the screen protector, be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid creases and bubbles.

  1. Protect Your Laptop Keyboard

Not only will a keyboard skin shield the nooks and crannies of your keyboard from dust, but it will also help prevent catastrophic damage due to spills. Laptop keyboard skins are also much easier to clean than keyboards themselves by simply removing it, running it under water, and laying it out to dry. One final perk: your keys won’t wear down as quickly from the oil and friction from your fingers.

  1. Protect Your Laptop Exterior

Laptop skins really serve two purposes. First, to protect your laptop from scratches and superficial damage, and second, to add some personality to an otherwise boring exterior. Remember, ‘All work and no play, makes Mac a dull boy.’

  1. Protect Your Laptop Exterior- Supercharged

If you work in construction or any field of work that often takes you and your laptop outdoors, it is highly recommended to invest in a laptop hard case that attaches directly to your laptop. Also known as protective shells, you will be grateful for the added protection when you inevitably drop your laptop on the job site.

  1. Protect Your Laptop During Travel

These days, most people bring their laptops from work to home to school to coffee shops to… you get the point. This is why it is essential to choose a quality Laptop bag. There are endless options, from backpacks to briefcases to sleeves, but roomier options are favored to ensure you are not jamming in power cords, pens, and other accessories that may damage your laptop from within the bag.

  1. Protect Your Laptop From Overheating

Overheating may cause your battery, processor, and hard drive to crash. Your laptop is at increased risk of overheating if you often use your laptop on your lap or set it on your bed or couch. To lessen your risk without changing your habits, try using a lap tray or, better yet, a laptop cooling table.

  1. Protect Your Laptop From Loss

Another best practice is to frequently and consistently back up your data. There are multiple convenient options like the Cloud, pen drives, disks, external hard drives, and more. Nothing is worse than losing all your hard work or sentimental pictures and videos; avoid such loss by backing up your data.

  1. Protect Your Laptop From Theft

If at all possible, laptops should never be left in vehicles or unattended in any public setting. Yet, some situations may require you to step away from your laptop. It is recommended to utilize a laptop security cable and lock in those cases. Combination locks are often preferred over key locks so you don’t find yourself scrambling to find a key to lock or free your laptop. 

  1. Protect Your Laptop From Viruses

We have extensively discussed ways of protecting the outside of your laptop and would be amiss not to encourage you to protect the inner workings of your laptop as well. Beyond encouraging, you should absolutely install and maintain Antivirus software on your computer. It will help your computer run smoothly and prevent many a trip to your local computer repair shop.


Protecting your laptop from the get-go will not only save you money in the long run from repairs, but it will also save you time and stress. Both employees and students rely on their computers to get the job done and can certainly find themselves in a time crunch and under pressure if their laptop breaks or breaks down on them. You can save yourself the trouble by utilizing these best practices for protecting your laptop from damage.