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Why We Are The Best Computer Repair Company in Cold Spring Kentucky.

We have serviced the Cold Spring Kentucky area for 25 years now. We strive to provide top notch personal customer service. We focus on desktop and laptop repair, but we do work on iPads, and certain tablets. We have fixed hundreds of thousands of computers in the last 25 years. The most common repairs we do are listed below. 

Here at Community Computer Services, we have aim for providing the best customer service. We have been in business since 1993. We opened up the store to provide customers with computer training. After a few training session, customers started bringing us their computers to be fixed. Viruses were very heavy back then, and people needed a place to turn to for help.

We started just fixing viruses, but then started to get in a lot of computers with hardware issues. We have since worked on hundreds of thousands of computers. The hardest part of being in the computer repair industry is that things change so much. Every operating system creates new issues. Below are a few things that make us stand out from our competition.  

We are a father and son computer repair company.

Places like best buy, staples, and other chain electronics stores can not provide personal customer services. They spend a ton of money every month on advertising. We have lived in Alexandria, and Cold Spring Kentucky most of our lives, and we support small local business to help our local economy.

25 years of experience

We started this company in 1993. We have worked on laptops, desktops, and mac computers. The internet has changed so much in the last 10 years. There are so many viruses, malware, and adware that infect computers to cause problems, and to get your personal information. We also have tested so many different virus protections, and use protections that have worked for us and our customers.

Affordable Computer Repair Prices.

We offer very reasonable pricing. An average clean up or tune up is only 75.00 in most cases. With that we will scan your computer for adware, viruses, and adware, and remove all infections. We will also manually clean up your browsers, and remove unwanted programs. We do not charge per hour due to how much that would costs our customers. We will diagnose your computer and give you an estimate.

We feel we provide superior customer service and provide quality repair work. We also sell used computers that are high quality laptops and desktops. Call us anytime at

Virus Removal (average cost is $75.00)

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Keypad Replacement

Hard Drive Replacement

Desktop Power Supply Repair

Ram (memory) upgrades

General Computer Upgrades  

We have many great reviews that you can find on Facebook, Google, and Yelp to help you to trust our experience and customer service that we provide. 

We Support Local Businesses in Cold Spring, and Alexandria KY.

We support our local small business in the Northern Kentucky area to keep money in our area. The big chain stores are to big and can not focus their energy on providing great customer service. They also charge 3 times what we charge. We offer better support and for a reasonable price. Call us today (859) 635-9909. There is no need for an appointment, and we try to repair computers the same day, or next day in most cases. 

We Support small business in Cold Spring Kentucky. Cold Spring Farmers MarketCampus Book & SupplyPaint & Bake Ceramics and many more.