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Desktop Power Supply Troubleshooting

Community Computer Services offers Desktop Power Supply Troubleshooting in Northern Kentucky

We have replaced thousands of power supply’s in our 25 years of performing computer repair in Northern KY.

First thing we do is see if the desktop has any power at all. We check to see if there are any lights or fans spinning. Chances are if there is no power and no lights, then most likely a power supply problem.

Step 2 : We use a power supply tester to see if it Is putting out the proper wattage and voltage. This will tell us whether or not we are dealing with a bad power supply or not.

Step 3: With so many years of disassembling computers at our shop, we have hundreds of power supply’s to try to see if that takes care of the problem.

After storms in our area, we get at least 10 computers come into our shop with no power at all. Storms are very bad for electronic devices, even with a proper surge protector.  

Step 4: We have to make sure that the power supply connections are going to work with the system we are working on. The computer industry has changed so many connections in the last 10 years. Typically, there are power connections to the motherboard, dvd drive, hard drive, and sometimes system fans.

So, we hope this information is helpful to troubleshooting your power issues on your desktop computer. We would love to assist you and are available Mon – Fri 10am-6pm. No appointments are necessary. An average price for a power supply replacement is $90 – $135 that is part included. We also offer many other services such as virus removal, laptop repair, and computer repair.